sheer pussy
TitleYour Valentines Gift... Wrapped In Sheer
StatusRemastered - Final
Shoot Date2005-06-23
Release Date2020-02-14
legs open

Your Valentines Gift... Wrapped In Sheer
Kari Sweets

phil-fucking-flash avatarSecret stash shots released! All 15 of them, and in full resolution! See the shot(s) that Felix, that sly cat—got! If you study the flow of the entire photo set, you will know why I am calling him sly. Haha! Not only do you get the secret stash shots, but you also get 43 that were never released before.

So this year... Kari has wrapped up her tight little pussy in sheer! It's a Happy Valentine's Day for sure... and a time for all fans to cheer!

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A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

Download Center Your Valentines Gift... Wrapped In Sheer

Content TypeDescriptionResolutionCountFile SizeDownload
Photo SetRemastered - Final3072 x 204843113.48 MBZip File
SlipsFrom p-f's secret stash3072 x 20481539.97 MBZip File
OuttakesDidn't make the final cut, but still good!3072 x 204843111.54 MBZip File

Showcase Kari Sweets

vertical video screenshot collage
big Irish smile
bent over whereing over the knee socks and roller skates
panties pulled down showing shiny greasy butt cheeks
sitting legs open
shorts pulled down thong ass
sitting legs open
Kari with dark makeup
one knee on a photography stool
sleeping panty butt shot
leggy fishnet thigh highs and heels
kneeling and looking over shoulder in a thong
schoolgirl opening her locker
girl in panties standing in front of messy bed
playing on baseball diamond
outdoor natural hair light
colorful outfit in front of painting
kneeling in an office chair

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