panties down
TitleSweet Stuff
StatusOriginal - Final Release
Shoot Date2004-09-19
Release Date2020-01-19
cheeky butt shot close up

Sweet Stuff
Kari Sweets

phil-fucking-flash avatarThis hot little freckle faced fucker will make your mouth water, especially when you see the tight crotch "Sweet Stuff" full back panties that she flaunts to the camera. I mean... that tight teen pussy is like... right there... underneath those fuckin' underwear! Add to that, the amateur teen model is wearing fishnet thigh high stockings and platform stripper heels! Fuck me!

This fantastic photo set was shot by Felix, and it has a few first times. It's the first time that anyone has ever seen this set, buried deep and locked up on an encrypted and vaulted hard drive for 16 years... it has been. This is also the first time that I have really went through one of Kari's photo sets. I had always thought that Kari was hotter than hell. But now, oh boy! That face, those freckles, those curves, that teen body, and um... that friggin' juicy ass. Download and add this set to your collection for the first time... you must!

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The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

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Photo SetOriginal - Final Release3072 x 204828134.45 MBZip File

Showcase Kari Sweets

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big Irish smile
sitting legs open
shorts pulled down thong ass
sitting legs open
Kari with dark makeup
sleeping panty butt shot
leggy fishnet thigh highs and heels

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