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TitleKari's Sweet Pot O' Gold
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Shoot Date2007-03-09
Release Date2020-03-16

Kari's Sweet Pot O' Gold
Kari Sweets

phil-fucking-flash avatarThese pictures are HUGE and they took what seemed to be FOREVER to edit, but all I can say is wow! Felix and Kari did incredible work on this set! Kari's posing, facial expressions, and the fact that she was obviously having fun make this photo set very sexy. Felix's photography nails each and every pose, plus a few sneaky shots that show a little more than what was supposed to be shown, equating to 15 partial pussy slips and bungholio butt hole shots.

This set is literally a pot of gold! To add to pot and just for fun, I exported a "smoothed version" of this set. You can download it by clicking the first iteration of the word smoothed in this set description, that is—if you are a member.

More to Add to the Pot O' Gold

For members, here are a few more pieces of treasure... glamour zip file | wallpaper zip file

Everyone loves gold and today is your Lucky Day!

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

Download Center Kari's Sweet Pot O' Gold

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Photo SetRemastered - Final Release4368 x 291272341.58 MBZip File
SlipsFrom p-f's secret stash4368 x 291260362.42 MBZip File
OuttakesDidn't make the final cut, but still good!4368 x 291260362.42 MBZip File

Showcase Kari Sweets

vertical video screenshot collage
sitting legs open
shorts pulled down thong ass
sitting legs open
Kari with dark makeup
sleeping panty butt shot
leggy fishnet thigh highs and heels

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