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DOBFeb. 22
Height5' 4"
Weight110 lbs.
big smile

Kimi Kato
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phil-fucking-flash avatarMeet Kimberly (Kimi) Kato. Kimi was a shy girl, but when she was in front of a camera... she transformed and became completely unihibited. This teen beauty has a stunning smile and a lovely petite body, which is topped off with a pair all natural big boobs. The 18 year old teen sent an email to Felix on the 3rd of June, 2008. Here are her precise words...

I want to be famous, I want to be like Sasha Grey.

...Needless to say, Kimi was fully nude and in front of Felix's camera just 4 days later, on June 7, 2008.

During one of my talks with Felix, he had mentioned how Kimi had wanted him to shoot her with dildos... fucking herself to orgasm in the photo sets and videos. At the time though, Felix was exclusively shooting non nude/topless content and was not comfortable with shooting harder stuff. A compromise was made... FULL NUDE. And let me tell you, Kimi was not afraid to get on all fours and expose her everything to the camera... a fucking bueatiful and rare site... to see... that is!

Kimi's Rookie Year Catalog contains 10 shoot dates with a total of 30 fully nude photo sets. That means... hold onto your panties gents! More updates are coming... so stay the fuck t (  .  ) (  .  ) ned.

Kimi aspired to be known for something. She often told Felix...

Enjoy the beautiful art that Kimi created for you!

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